Table accessories

Table Accessories Made in Apulia: refined and unique style details

Our Table Accessories collection offers an exclusive selection of style details, all crafted by artisans from Apulia, to enhance and complete your culinary experience. Carefully curated with attention to detail and made from high-quality materials, these Made in Apulia accessories add a touch of sophistication and functionality to your table.

From centerpieces to coasters, our range of table accessories, all created by skilled Apulian artisans, has been specially chosen to meet your needs and create an elegant atmosphere during meals. Each piece, expertly crafted in Apulia, is designed with a refined aesthetic and superior quality to ensure impeccable presentation of your dishes.

Our centerpieces, born from the passion and skill of Apulian artisans, are true design elements that capture attention and become the focal point of every table. Made from materials such as blown glass, ceramics, or fine wood from Apulia, these centerpieces add an artistic and unique touch to your decor. Choose from classic, minimalist, or bold styles to match your personal taste and create a welcoming atmosphere with an authentic Apulian touch.

Coasters, expertly crafted by local artisans in Apulia, are a practical and stylish accessory that protects your table from stains and scratches. Our collection offers a variety of coasters made from materials such as cork, synthetic leather, or glazed ceramic, all originating from Apulia. They come in different designs, colors, and shapes, so you can easily complement your existing table set or create a creative mix for a vibrant touch with the authenticity of Made in Apulia.

To complete the look, we also offer a selection of pot holders and napkin holders, crafted by our skilled Apulian artisans. Pot holders in durable, high-quality materials from Apulia protect your work surface from heat damage and provide secure support for hot pots and pans. Napkin holders, passionately created in Apulia, add a touch of elegance and organization to your table, keeping napkins within easy reach with the authentic artisanal spirit of Made in Apulia.

With our Made in Apulia table accessories, you can transform any meal into an impeccable culinary experience, enriched by the spirit and craftsmanship tradition of Apulia. Whether you're hosting a formal dinner, a family lunch, or a simple daily meal, the style details from our collection, carefully crafted by our Apulian artisans, will bring an authentic touch of class and sophistication to your table. Choose your favorites and let your unique taste shine through your table decor, with the pride of owning authentic products Made in Apulia.

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