Small and Large Handmade Bags for Evening, Day, Beach, and More

Explore our selection of handmade bags Made in Puglia. You can choose from fabric bags, silk bags, or cotton bags. Depending on your tastes and needs, you can opt for shoulder bags or handbags.

Puglia Design Store offers a wide range of products, including multi-pouch bags, tote bags, and colorful or embroidered backpack bags.

SKU: PDS-087250--01

Large Beach Bag by Essentia Puglia

This bag is perfect to accompany you during your days at the beach or for an unforgettable shopping session.

Made of pure cotton, the Puglia Bag boasts an embroidered lettering that adds a touch of elegance and personality. The inner lining, also made of cotton, guarantees protection and durability over time.

What makes the Puglia Bag even more special is the hand-weaving process using ancient looms. Apulian artisans recover typical textures handed down over time, creating a unique and authentic fabric. The expert embroiderers, with skill and mastery, give the bag an impeccable embroidery and refined details.

SKU: PDS-087249--01

Large canvas bag for your days at the beach

The perfect accessory for your days at the beach and your moments of relaxation, it combines style and functionality, offering a complete experience.

Essentia Puglia is committed to the production of high quality products, made with fine materials and with the attention to detail typical of local artisans. 

Crafted from pure cotton canvas with black and white stripes, this beachbag exudes a classic and timeless appeal. The embroidered "Puglia" inscription adds a touch of regional pride, celebrating the authenticity and beauty of the Apulian land. The soft blue terry interior offers a pleasant and functional contrast, perfect for storing beach items or sitting comfortably on the beach.


SKU: NEWPDS-0000000342--01

Soft shoulder bag

It is an authentic work of art inspired by origami, crreated by the Apulian designer Arianna Vivenzio. This bag, sewn entirely by hand, represents the encounter between creativity and craftsmanship.

The origami shape makes it a unique and fascinating accessory. Each fold is treated with the utmost care, creating a structured and modern design. The use of high quality fabrics and craftsmanship give the bag a touch of elegance and refinement.

Each bag is a unique piece, as colors and patterns may vary according to the availability of fabrics. This ensures that your accessory is exclusive and reflects the personality and style of the designer.




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Multi purse bag Ocho Bag

The Ocho Bag patterned Multi purse, masterfully crafted by the Apulian designer Arianna Vivenzio, allows you to express your personality and your unique style. The colorful pattern of the fabric adds a touch of liveliness and originality to your outfit, capturing attention and reflecting your creativity.

Every woman has the freedom to compose her own Ocho Bag in a simple way, choosing the bags that best suit her needs and desired style. Their modularity allows them to be adapted to different occasions, making them versatile and suitable for multiple uses.

These bags are the expression of the passion and skill of local artisans, who work with dedication to create high quality accessories.


SKU: NEWPDS-000956--01

Multi clutch bag with shoulder strap, versatile and customizable 

Ocho Bag is a project launched in 2006 that focuses on the production of modular and customizable bags, adaptable to the needs and style of each woman.

Ocho Bags are unique design bags, made up of bags of different shapes and materials, able to collect and organize objects from the female universe. This multi clutch offers you the freedom to compose your handcrafted bag in a simple and intuitive way. You can choose from a variety of purses and combinations, creating an accessory that reflects your personality and meets your needs.

These bags can also be easily used by men while running or cycling.


SKU: NEWPDS-00000411--01

Backpack with long handles

Made with reinforced fabric and designed to withstand daily stresses, it offers durability and reliability over time. Bright colors and stunning graphics are the soul of this backpack.

The bag features a zip closure, which ensures the safety of your personal items. The long handles allow you to carry it by hand, while the adjustable straps offer the possibility to wear it comfortably on the shoulders. You can adapt the backpack to your preferences and transport needs.

The fabrics and the graphics are available in different variants allowing you to choose the backpack that best reflects your personality and style.



SKU: NEWPDS-2544--01

The golden rope gives the bag a refined and shiny look, perfect for special occasions or to give a touch of sparkle to your days. The mesh design adds an element of originality and lightness, making this bag versatile and suitable for any style and situation.

With its perfect size, this bag offers just the right amount of storage to carry all your essentials neatly and safely. Equipped with a practical closure, it allows you to have everything at hand without sacrificing elegance.

Whether you're on your way to work, a get-together with friends, or a special night out, this bag will be your perfect companion. Its attractive design and the quality of the materials make it a resistant and long-lasting accessory.

SKU: PDS-00000271--01

Colorful Pouch Bag B-SIDE

This unique bag is created using recycled fabrics, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and reducing waste.

The silk exterior gives the bag a sleek sheen, while the silk blend and lightweight fabric lining ensures a texture that's pleasant to the touch. The handles and inner pocket are made from a vibrant upholstery fabric, adding an element of surprise and originality to the overall design of the bag. A characteristic detail are the silk straps inserted in the edge, which allow it to be closed like a bag in a practical and safe way.

Note: The image of the bag may vary slightly depending on the recycled fabrics used, making each piece unique and unrepeatable.

SKU: PDS-09736635651--03

Bean bag by Labibi Art

The bag features intricate origami work made from fine fabrics. The result is a structured, geometric pattern that catches the eye and gives a modern twist to the design. The patterned cotton inner lining adds an extra element of charm and personality.

Equipped with two comfortable handles, you will have the possibility to carry it on your shoulder or by hand, adapting it to your needs and your personal style. The 80 cm size offers ample space to store everything you need during the day.

Each bag is a unique piece, made with fabrics produced in limited or vintage series. This ensures that your accessory is one-of-a-kind and reflects the passion and attention to detail of the artisans who created it.

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