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Eau The Parfum According to Federico

Perfume 100ml for her / him that represents a cathedral in which to take refuge in winter, surrounded by notes of incense and ambergris. A cloister in which to find Spring, sitting on stone among roses and jasmine shoots. An orange grove in which to get lost, among paths that hide white moss. A castle where old books, leathers and poems will lead you back to the warmth of Autumn. Composition: Bergamot, incense, mandarin, aromatic accord, jasmine, patchouly leather, votive, wood, sandalwood, ambergris, white musk.

SKU: PDS-000351--01

Eau De Parfum Pizzomunno 100 ml: a hymn to the relationship between Man and Sea

A persistent fragrance reminiscent of the scent of wood brought ashore by the storms of late summer. Wood polished by the wind that tells the deeds of brave sailors ready to defy time for a handful of exotic flowers overseas. Pizzomunno is a tribute to contemporary man, a lover of adventure and good taste, a hermetic man, imposing and rigorous but faithful to the values of the past.

Composition: cedar, guajaco, vetiver, sandalwood, violet, incense, ambergris, animal musk.

SKU: PDS-000350--01

Cristalda Eau De Parfum: Ethereal fragrance 100 ml

An unexpected gift, a bouquet of white flowers warmed by the warmth of a summer sunset, enhanced by sweet notes of fruity first fruits and spicy berries torn in spring from the white cliffs of the Gargano. A soft fragrance, created to pay homage to the contemporary woman who stands out for tenacity and strength, with a pearl smile and an imposing beauty of soul that persists over time. Composition: white peach, coconut, blackcurrant, vanilla, lemon, lily of the valley, cardamom, ginger, ambergris, cedar, cashmere.

SKU: PDS-012350--01

The Essentia, Noble Olive, Mediterranean Fig, Rose and Jasmine perfumes are available in a box that contains the fragrances to immerse yourself in a sensory and olfactory journey that expresses the mood of the Mediterranean world. Variants: Noble Olive and Mediterranean Fig 2x15 ml Noble Olive, Rose and Jasmine 2x15 ml Mediterranean Fig, Rose and Jasmine 2x15 ml.

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