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Not having attended art institutes or academies allowed Giorgio to develop a unique and original style from the beginning. His ceramics, which he deems unnecessary, are reproductions of everyday objects in real size, devoid of functionality but full of aesthetic and conceptual meanings. Giorgio di Palma has been working with ceramics since 2010, following in the footsteps of his father, who has been doing it for fifty years, and like many people from Grottaglie have done for centuries. He does it in his own way, leaving room for the idea, neglecting the technique, and ensuring that his artifacts lack real functionality. In an era of excesses and waste, his goal is to create objects that are obsolete from birth, unusable but impossible to leave behind. They will outlive us because they are made of terracotta, and thus immortal. Indeed, his high reliefs and decals are snapshots of melancholic moments, observed through the eyes of fantastic animals. Their gazes reveal feelings ignored by modern man, lost daily in the pursuit of haste.

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