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A collection of lamps featuring fig and prickly pear motifs, inspired by the popular tradition of luminarie, light decorations for patronal festivals in Salento, which, as objects and furnishings, enter homes and interior design. The Gustavo project has been a multidisciplinary artistic melting pot for over twenty years, embracing various expressive languages: from music to art, to design. In 2016, it found a physical space with the opening of the workshop. From here, the Luminterra concept was born, a conceptual and sentimental lamp collection that evokes the unconscious and emotional part tied to the memory of the luminarie of Salento and Southern Italy. The tribute goes to its subjects and characteristic elements: earth, sea, sacred and profane. Luminterra is not just the opposite of 'lumi-in -aria' (lights-in-air), a catchy play on words, but it is the concept itself: taking a piece of heart, folklore, tradition, that a luminary represents, bringing it down to earth, changing its intended use, and inserting it as a work of art in interior design.

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