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With a clean and essential style, combined with a constant curiosity for experimentation and the study of different materials, Mosaico Artigiano creates handcrafted mosaic artifacts that interpret this ancient technique in a modern key. Mosaico Artigiano was established in 2008 in Parabita (Le). It immediately tackled both small and large works. The studio creates floor and wall mosaics on commission, while also dedicating time to personal artworks. In 2012, it decided to devote a good portion of its work to collections of its own invention, creating paintings, lamps, and other objects with mosaic inserts and details. Its works are immediately noticeable for the subjects produced and the visual lightness applied to the mosaic technique, a style that is clean, essential, and contemporary. Since 2014, it began collaborating with various stores that offer its collections, which are continuously enriched thanks to the marked creativity

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