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DIRMA is a fascinating project of Apulian craftsmanship that stands out for its multidisciplinary nature and the creative passion of Marianna Dinuzzi. Specialized in the creation of couture accessories, DIRMA is presented as a workshop of education to manual skills, immersing enthusiasts in a journey through the ancient traditions of the Mediterranean.

The soul of DIRMA is manifested through the meticulous art of hand knotting, giving accessories a quality craftsmanship that makes them unique and distinctive. This approach highlights imperfection as a trait of character, transforming each piece into an inimitable work of art.

The brand DIRMA is presented as a compelling story that intertwines with the lives of those who are part of it, transmitting a sense of authenticity and connection with the cultural roots of the Mediterranean. In each accessory, you perceive the love for tradition and dedication to multidisciplinary experimentation, which are translated into wearable works of art.

Marianna Dinuzzi embodies the vision of a project that goes beyond the creation of fashion accessories. DIRMA is a lifestyle, a way of expressing one’s individuality through unique pieces that do not follow the rigid conventions of perfection, but embrace the beauty of imperfections. With DIRMA, manual work becomes an act of artistic creation and the Mediterranean becomes an inexhaustible source of inspiration for a brand that challenges stereotypes and celebrates authenticity.

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